What a Crappy Font Will Do

For this assignment, I was challenged to take a well known logo and mix it up by using a different font.

For this assignment, I chose to use the logo for Aquafina water. The font of this logo is one of the main aspects, so I thought it would be interesting to find a font to mix-up and improve the original Aquafina logo.

Here is the original logo:

Image result for aquafina logo

As you can see, they have recently changed their logo font as well, but I think I can do it better.

For this assignment, I used Google Drawings to improve the logo.

To make this logo, I took the original image of the Aquafina logo, and chose the Google font Mandoco Swash Caps to replace the original “Aquafina”. I made sure to match the color of the initial logo and place the font so it matched up with the trademark symbol.

I chose this font because if it’s fluidity. I thought the original logo was too modern and plain, and this new font represented water better, and made it feel like it came fresh from a spring.

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