What A Crappy Font Will Do: Revised

For this revision/remix of a previously posted assignment, I decided to revise my post What A Crappy Font Will Do, which was based on this assignment bank post.

In my original post, I was challenged to remix a font of a familiar logo in order to change the look of the brand. I did this by changing the font of the Aquafina logo;

From this… to this.

In order to remix this post, I have decided to change the logo all together. The mountain in the logo doesn’t represent a bottles water company to me, so I’m going to switch it up.

Using Google Drawings, this is the new logo that I created:

I kept the same font because it gave me the vibe of water, but instead of a mountain, I added an abstract river behind the font. I thought this image was a perfect fit to the new logo because it had fresh colors, and it would make a consumer want to buy this particular water over a water with a mountain on the logo.

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