Weekly Summary: Week #3

While last week I felt like I was getting into the swing of things and getting comfortable with this course, I struggled a little but more this week.

One thing that I have realized is that time management is everything. This week I felt like I rushed my self and let myself be overwhelmed some days instead of doing this week’s work bit by bit everyday.

Despite feeling challenged in a timing aspect, I still felt as though I produced quality work this week.

Here are my 3 Daily Creates, which is what I felt that I did the best on this week:




Next I did my four writing assignments:

  1. A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem
  2. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
  3. Nonhuman Perspective: UMW’s Squirrels
  4. Apocalypse Terms of Service

In comparison to last week’s assignments from the Assignment Bank, I found this week’s assignments a lot harder. One reason for this was because I had trouble adding up the points from the starts. I focused too much on what assignment had ___ amount of stars so that it would add up to the total of 12 instead of focusing on what the actual assignments were. Another reason why I may have found this week’s assignment more challenging is because last week I felt more creatively free to pick assignment which interested me instead of being limited to one category of assignments.

Lastly I wrote my Story Analysis on The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein. I hadn’t read this book in a while, but a I was able to connect a surprising amount of things to the readings/videos.

For my participation this week, I commented on my classmates/peers as I did last week, and I tried to be more present on Twitter by liking and commenting on other’s Daily Creates.

Although I let myself fall behind timing wise this week, I think I have learned a lot that will carry me through future weeks!

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