Week Nine Summary

This week, I enjoyed listening to my classmates radio shows, remixing my old posts, and coming up with new ideas for a future project.

Aside from that, I did three daily creates this week. I connected these TDCs by relating them to memes, as you can see here.

This week I also listened to my classmates radio shows. The one I enjoyed the most was Stories of Our Stories, because I though it was a creative idea for a radio show and the group really executed their idea well. I wrote more about it in my radio reflections post.

Listening to those radio shows inspired me to come up with more ideas for a future video project, and I read my classmate’s ideas to feel more inspired.

This inspiration lead to me remix two of my old posts. One of them was a font remix, in which a changed up the font of the Aquafina logo. This time around, I changed the entire logo altogether. In addition to this, I revised a haiku poem that I had written about writing haikus, and attempted to relate it to this semester’s theme.

Overall, this week I had of fun remixing some of my old work and listening to my classmates creations. I also read and commented on several of my classmate’s posts this week for some inspiration for my posts and project ideas.

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