Week 9 Daily Creates

This week, in order to connect my three daily creates into somewhat of a story, I chose to connect them with a common theme. For my three daily creates, I chose to connect theme by the theme of memes. Memes are something that are a great storytelling tool, because they can be edited and text can be added so that they apply to all situations.

Here are my three daily creates from this week:



While the second two Daily Creates are obviously connected to the theme of memes, my first TDC of the week might need some explaining. While the image I created my seem random, the randomness is intentional. Anything can be a meme if you think about it. A hand hitting a button, a butterfly floating in an anime scene, and many other arbitrary images have become highly popular when relatable captions are added.

Overall, memes are a great way to tell stories, and almost anything can become a meme.

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