Week 10 Summary

This week was one of the first weeks in a while where I struggled with the work. It wasn’t an overload of work, and none of the required readings/videos were exceedingly confusing, but I am unfamiliar with creating videos, and I think that inhibited me from being my most creative self.

Overall, I lacked confidence in my work this week. This week, I chose to do the 10 stars of video assignments, and I ended up with 11. I also completed two daily creates and one video essay.

To start off, here are my two daily creates from this week. My favorite of the two was definitely when I got to create my own word, because I thought it was fascinating how the word generator created definitions, and I toggled with several words to see if the root meanings made a difference in the overall definitions.




In addition to my daily creates, I also did 3 video assignments from the assignment bank, which totaled up to 11 stars.

  1. Game of Thrones “But” Edit
  2. Compilation Video: Getting Ready For School
  3. From My POV

I also did my Video Essay using a Game of Thrones Season 1 Scene.

My favorite part about this week was probably looking at my classmates posts, because one of my favorite ways to consume media is through video. I made sure to comment on several of my classmate’s posts.

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