Unveiling U.U.

For our radio show (Rachel, Cailyn, and I), we decided to produce a show about our experiences as a college student in a pandemic. While all of us can relate, this storytelling format radio show will be a good platform for us to tell our stories and relate to this semester’s theme.

In order to create my Radio Show Design Project, which was a sticker, I used Google Drawings.

Here is my sticker:

To create this sticker, I chose to do a navy background because UMW colors are navy, and this would relate well to our experiences. Instead of doing a grey or white font to match UMW colors, I decided to do a light blue so it would pop out of the background. I added U.U. and Un-University to the sticker in a college lettering/font to go with the theme.

In addition to this, I added the top of the UMW Bell Tower upside down, to show how our experiences as a college student in the pandemic are so different, and maybe even opposite of what a normal college student would experience. I added the bell tower because it is a recognizable symbol that most people will recognize and associate with UMW/college as a whole.

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