Switch Up The Mood

From this assignment Switch Up The Mood from the assignment bank, I chose to switch up the mood of a picture of my friends and I on the lake on a nice day and try to make it look like a storm was coming.

The challenge of this assignment was to toggle the settings (contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, exposure, etc) on a photo and change the mood of it.

Here is my original photo:

Here is my edited photo:

In order to edit this photo, I used the VSCO iPhone app. To make it appear more dark and gloomy, I turned down the brightness and saturation (to make it appear more gray). I didn’t edit the hue too much, but I made it a little more blue to take the warmth out of the photo. Lastly, I used the vignette setting to make the sky and water appear darker.

I thought this assignment was really productive in making it easy to change the way photos communicate and make someone feel certain things based on the mood of the photo.

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