Sick Beat… more like Sick Intro.

For this audio assignment, I was inspired by the Assignment Bank audio assignment Sick Beat. However, instead of making a random beat for my own fun and creativity, I decided to use this opportunity to make an intro/beat or song for my radio show, Un-University.

Here is my intro music:

In order to make this audio clip, I used GarageBand.

First, I downloaded three sounds from that I thought well represented the college life and would go well with the theme of our radio show. The first sound was a beat created by another person with a buzzing rythm. I use this as kind of my background music. Next, I downloaded the sounds of voices, to represent a college party. Then I downloaded a beat of silencing guitar strings, to represent the abrupt stop of normal college life due to COVID-19. I mashed these all together and added my voice saying “Welcome to Un-University”.

I am pretty proud of this intro, because I feel like these sounds are very different, but I brought them together in a way that is cohesive. I’m excited to get this radio show going!

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