Reflection on a Radio Broadcast

One of my favorite things that I did for this class this week was listening to the radio shows that people created. After spending my last two weeks creating my show Un-University, I thought it was really cool to see how other people’s shows turned out and what they were about. Hearing my voice on the radio on Monday made me feel a little proud, not only of myself, but also of my other group members Rachel and Cailyn.

One of the other radio shows that I listened to was Stories of Our Stories: A Trip Down Memory Lane. I really enjoyed this show because it contrasted with the show I created which talked about issues in the present/during the pandemic. I thought it was interesting to hear about the toys and commercials that I had completley forgotten about! I also really enjoyed how detailed they were with the different topics discussed.

One thing that this show could improve on is the fluidity of different group members and making sure that each segment/speaker is part of ONE show. Otherwise, it was great!

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