Radio Show Progress: U.U. Week #1

This week I had a lot of fun getting together with my group (Cailyn, Rachel , and I) and starting to create our show, Un-University (or U.U.).

For our radio show, we came up with the idea for a podcast like radio show, where we’ll discuss being a student in COVID-19, and how different college is right now.

Throughout the week each group member made their own bumpers, commercials, and other audio pieces to include in the show, as well as a promotional design assignment. I thought it was really cool to see how we each individually interpreted how we wanted to show to look like, and even though we did these assignments on our own the theme of the radio show helped bring each individual creation together.

We also met on Zoom to discuss the format of our show, what our different segments of the show would look like, and how the show would come together overall.

If you want to check out any of the audio/design assignments for our show Un-University check out Cailyn’s blog, Rachel’s blog, and my blog.

Since we have already formulated a detailed plan for our show, next week we are planning on recording and editing our show, and possibly adding more audio pieces that have yet to be created!

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