Radio Show Progress Pt.2

This week for our (Rachel, Cailyn, and I) radio show, Un-University, we mostly put together our plans for our radio show.

After meeting on Zoom last week and planning out each segment as well as creating various bumpers, we were all ready to record. We met on Zoom again on Monday along with our semi-scripted/planned out show. A lot of the time, we pretty much said what we were thinking so it seemed more like a podcast, but I think it turned out really well.

Throughout the week, I spent time editing the show on GarageBand, as well as adding in commercials and transitions where they fit. After the first edit, the show came out to be 43 minutes long. After realizing this, the group came together to decide to take out some of the conversation on the podcast that didn’t seem as important as our planned segments, and we got it down to 30 minutes.

Here is the rough (43 minute) draft:

Here is the final draft, I hope you enjoy!

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