Radio Show Brainstorm

When brainstorming ideas for a radio show I thought of a few requirements.

  1. Make the subject entertaining.
  2. Be informed on the subject.
  3. Make the subject able to include different effects and dimensions.

One idea that I had for a radio show that could include several different subjects and be entertaining was a radio show that did reviewed. You could review many different things including:

  • Food
  • Other radio shows
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Assignment Bank assignments
  • Various restaurants/businesses in Fredericksburg/UMW

I think reviewing songs would be especially interesting, because you could include other aspects of audio clips, as well as potentially mashup various songs.

Another idea for a radioshow that could be more easily related to theme would be a storytelling radioshow, where the speaker told funny or embarrassing stories, or even told well known short stories or childrens books. This radio show could be related to the theme because it would be expressing parts of our personal stories.

This storytelling could be enhanced with different audio effects to create different voices for different characters and add sound effects that go along with events in the story.

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