Pet peeves are part of my story too!

For this assignment from the assignment bank, I chose to do a PSA Billboard. This assignment prompts you to create a billboard about something that aggravates you.

Here’s my billboard:

I chose this assignment from the assignment bank because I think it went really well with the theme of “What’s (Y)our Story?”. Even though things like pet peeves are something that people may not want to share about themselves, I think that these little things are what really makes us us. Just because traits about us may not necessarily be positive, they’re still part of our stories.

Something that makes me myself is my pet peeve with chewing. It’s an odd thing to dislike, because seeing and hearing other people eat is constantly surrounding me, and it is hard to get away from especially when going out to eat. The only time that I do something about this is when I’m with my close friends, because it seems high maintenance to not be able to hear people chew.

When doing this assignment, I used Google Drawings to make my billboard. I chose a pastel yellow color because it seemed neutral, and I didn’t want to choose a background color that was too in your face, especially when my billboard is advertising one of my pet peeves. Then, I chose what I was going to say. I didn’t just wan’t to say “Chew quietly” so I added a little joke about being a bunny and munching on carrots. After deciding what to say, I added images of a bunny and carrots to add an additional visual aspect to my billboard.

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  1. Andrew Waite

    I think this is perfect! I could definitely see this in an Elementary or Middle school cafeteria. Then again, if some students wanted to rebel, they could dress up like a bunny and say “hey, you asked for this” haha. On a more serious note, I think the billboard is well executed with the neutral colors and tone of the language.

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