Nonhuman Perspective: UMW’s Squirrels

When considering the theme “What’s (Y)our Story?”, I thought of something that all of us in this course have as part of our story, being a student at UMW. Whether you’re on campus this year/semester or not, you have probably noticed the amount of squirrels on campus. For this Nonhuman Perspective writing assignment, I thought it would be interesting to connect it to something all of us have as part of our story (even if it’s a minuscule part), the UMW squirrels.

Squirrel 1: Oh my gosh, the nerve on that guy to come so close to me!

Squirrel 2: Are you not used to it yet… you must be kinda new here. Sometimes if you let them get close enough they’ll give you food,

Squirrel 1: I’m fine with acorns for now.

Squirrel 2: Yeah, sure. You say that now…

Squirrel 1: I mean what else could they give me thats better than acorns?

Squirrel 2: One time I got an entire roll of sushi, another time I got chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, and last week I got a slice of pizza!

Squirrel 1: Why do you like all this other food so much?

Squirrel 2: I have a nut allergy.

(This assignment is worth 3 stars)

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