My Game Of Thrones House Sigil

For my first visual assignment this week, I chose to do Create a Game of Thrones House. This assignment stood out to me because I am a Game of Thrones fan, and I thought it would be interesting to incorporate my house sigil as a part of my story.

To create my house sigil, I used the website as recommended in the assignment instructions. It was fairly simple to make, and the website gave options to choose your house name, motto, sigil background, and up to 3 symbols to put on your sigil.

Here is the sigil that I made:

I chose to include a castle, a tree, and the motto “Ever Growing”, because if I had a house in GOT, I would want it to be powerful with an ever growing army and family. The castle symbolizes power and the tree symbolizes growth.

Even though it may seem simple, I think this assignment has a strong connection to the theme “What’s (Y)our Story?”. Game of Thrones is something that I really enjoy, and I’m sure some of my classmates enjoy it too. GOT is just a TV show, but it is something that can allow my to connect with my classmates and create a more in-depth relationship than simply being peers in the same class.

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