My Favorite Photo

For my second visual assignment this week I chose Your Favourite Photo?. Even though this assignment isn’t worth a lot of stars, I thought it would be great opportunity for me to try and tell some of my story.

For my favorite photo I chose this:

The task of this assignment was to explain why I like the photo I have chosen so much. I am going to explain the photo and connect it to my story.

First off, I enjoy this photo because of its beauty. This photo was taken in Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia, which is on the border of my home state of North Carolina. Grayson Highlands is a beautiful area, and at the time that this photo was taken, there was a snow storm, so everything was bright. Another thing about Grayson Highlands is that they have wild mini horses. This state park is known for their wild mini horses, and they are so used to visitors that they are often friendly and they don’t scare easily.

A picture of Grayson Highland’s mini horses. (from

Another reason why I enjoy this picture is because it has some of my closest friends in it. Having strong relationships with my friends and people I enjoy spending time with is an important part of my story, and this picture exhibits their silly nature.

Overall, this picture is my favorite picture because of the people in it and the importance they have in my life and my story, and the beauty of Grayson Highlands State Park in the snow.

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