My Autobiography Cover

For my last Assignment Bank design assignment this week I chose to do Design The Cover of Your Autobiography. I thought this would be a good choice of assignment because it would go well with the theme and allow me to tell my story.

For my autobiography, I chose to do my cover based off of a summer camp that was really important in my childhood and shaped me as a person. The title of my autobiography comes from a camp saying, “be well and do good”. This saying is really special to me and is a simple mantra I think everyone should live by.

Here is my autobiography cover:

I chose to use this picture as the background of my autobiography for several reasons. The first reason is that it shows the lighthearted and fun spirit of camp and the same spirit that I try to exhibit in my everyday life. Another reason I chose to do this is because it is very spatially appealing. I am centered in the middle of the image which creates a strong focal point.

I created the book cover with Google Drawings, and added a playful font over top in white so it popped against the background.

I hope you enjoyed my autobiography cover and learned more about me!

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