Movie Mashup: Mean Girls and High School Musical

For 4.5 of my 8 stars of Mashup Assignments from the assignment bank, I chose to complete the Movie Mashup Assignment. The goal of this assignment was to think of one of your favorite movies, then think of a movie similar to it, and use those two movies to create a mashup poster that incorporates the two movies.

For my assignment, I chose to mashup the movie Mean Girls and the Disney movie High School Musical. I thought these two movies would be a good mashup because they’re both high school movies that came out around the same time.

To create my mashup poster, I used google drawings. I was inspired by these two Mean Girls promo posters:

I used the purple background in my mashup poster, and I took the sparkly mean girls font and made the background transparent so that I could easily paste it onto my poster. I then took pictures of the 3 main female characters in High School Musical, and replaced the Mean Girls with them.

Here is my final product:

I hope you enjoy it!

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