Lyric Video (Hold In, Hold On by Kid Bloom)

For one of my Video Assignments from the assignment bak I decided to create a lyric video for the song Hold In, Hold On by Kid Bloom.

For this assignment, I used I movie to create it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to add a a background to the video after I had created the timing for the text, so I tried to use the text effects to the best of their ability to enhance the video.

I created this by first downloading the audio for Hold In, Hold On onto my computer and I added it to my new project on iMovie. I then went line by line adding text into my project and timing it so that it started and ended when the artists sand the lyrics. This process was really time consuming and adding the text alone took me more than an hour to do because it was hard to time it with the song.

I then uploaded my video to YouTube. Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

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