Logo Switch Up/Remix – Happy Days

The last time I did the Logo Switch Up assignment, I decided to add the Wawa logo onto a Huggies diaper ad. This time around, the Logo Switch Up Remix prompted me to do a logo switch up set in the 1950s (the era of Happy Days).

To create this new ad, I first looked up an ad from the 1950s that I could switch up (I’m not familiar with Happy Days).

This is the original ad that I used:

I then used google drawings to transform it. My idea was to create an E-Cigarette ad because it is a modern twist on this cigarette ad. I decided to make it a Juul ad, because Juul rhymes with Kool. To make the changes to the original ad, I used google drawings. First I overlayed the original logo with the Juul logo. Next, I edited a Juul over the cigarette in the ad. Lastly, I added an “E” in front of the cigarette in a similar font.

Here is my final product!

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  1. Madison Turner

    Crazy to see alot of parallels that can be drawn between the way cigarettes were advertised at their peak, and the rise of juuls and other modern nicotine products.

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