Game Of Thrones Video Essay *Season 1 Spoiler*

For my video essay, I chose to analyze a scene from Game of Thrones (not that this is very surprising). For my scene analysis, I chose to use Ned Stark’s death scene. I chose this scene because it was very emotional, and I knew that I would be able to analyze it based on the principles of reading movies, particularly by looking at the characters eyes, emotions, timing, and rhythm.

Here is my video essay, which I created on iMovie. I screen recorded the clip that I wanted to use off of youtube, and I then added a voiceover and two title slides to explain where I was coming from.

Here is my video essay:

When creating my video essay, the work that stood out to me the most was the video from Tony Zhou’s Every Frame A Painting. I tried to analyze my scene in a similar manner in which he analyzed the Star Wars scene.

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