Game Of Thrones “But” Edit *SPOILER ALERT*

For one of my assignment bank video assignments this week, I chose to do a “But” edit, which is when you create an edit of a preexisting clip in which a certain part of the clip is replaced. For example, the description of this assignment used Lil Pump’s Gucci Gang music video, but replaced every curse word with a clip of him saying “esketit”.

For my But Edit, I decided to take a clip from one of my favorite shows, Game of Thrones. *Spoiler Alert* The clip I used was Daenerys’ final speech. In this clip, I decided to replace Daenerys talking with a clip of Lyanna Mormont getting hit by a Giant wight walker. Because I took out the actual speech, the footage left is longing stares from different characters along with the clip of Lyanna Mormont. This result was my final goal of this project, because it is pretty funny.

Here is my final “But” Edit:

To create this video, I used iMovie, and would split the long clip of Daenerys’ speech each time I needed to take away part of the video. I then put the clip of Lyanna in between each “Split Clip”.

I hope you enjoy!

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