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Coming in to the last two weeks working on the radio show group project, I was initially intimidated. It is out of my comfort zone to do group projects with people I don’t and to put my voice out there where all of my classmates can hear it. However, at the end of the project, I had appreciated my experience working on this project, coordinating with my classmates, and combining several assignments together to form one large product. That being said, I am excited to brainstorm ideas for some potential upcoming projects using video.

  1. Video “Yearbook”

Going along with the theme of university/college (from the radio show Un-University), I think a virtual video yearbook would be really fun to put together. You could use video software to insert pictures and videos of interviews with students, as well as give certain faculty, student groups, and specific students superlatives.

2. Make a Music Video

One thing that connects everyone is music. Most everyone has some interest in music, and music tatse can connect two very different people. I think it would be fun to make a music video for a song (whether it is an original or a popular song) and use video software to edit it and make it look professional.

3. Highlight Reel

Another potential video project that could be made is a highlight reel. Just like highlight reels are used in sports to highlight specific athletes or plays, a highlight reel could be mad to show “the highlights or quarantine” or “Spring 2021 Semester highlights of UMW”.

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