Final Project: What is (UMW) Women’s Lacrosse? Telling this story…

For my final project, I decided to take one of my interests, women’s lacrosse, and make it appealing to someone who knows nothing about the sport or has never seen the sport played. I am a member of the UMW Women’s Lacrosse team, and I love to share my sport with others.

For my project, I used three elements, audio, video, and images.

For the audio portion of my project, I decided to do a commentary of the first two points in one of the UMW women’s lacrosse games this year. It might be helpful to watch the video portion or look at the image portion of my project to understand what I am commentating on. I tried to make this like a Sports Center Radio style commentary.

Here it is:

In order to make this project, I sat down and watched through one of our games, practicing what I would say when I commentated this. After doing this, I then sat down and did the commentary, which I wanted to do in one take so it seemed live. I then edited in my intro and outro speeches. Lastly, I added the Sports Center theme song (which I downloaded from YouTube) because I felt that it would give it a “broadcasty” touch. I used GarageBand to make this audio clip, and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

For the next part of my project, I did a video. For this video, I did a highlight reel of some of my favorite moments from this year’s season of UMW Women’s Lacrosse. Not only did I highlight the goals, but I wanted to use this video to highlight the celebrations. For the background music, I used The Beatles’ All Together Now.

Here it is:

It wouldn’t let me upload the video to Youtube because of Copyright reasons, but I decided to use the song anyways because I made the video around the beat and lyrics of the song.

To make this project, it took me a while. I looked through all of our game films, especially games that I thought we had a lot of energy in, and screen recorded certain plays. I then took my screen recordings, put them into iMovie, and split and duplicated celebration clips so that I could highlight different people celebrating at the same time. I then downloaded All Together Now by The Beatles, and cut each clip so it timed up with the beat and the lyrics of the song. You might notice that when people hug or celebrate it is the end of the verse with heartwarming lyrics. Once I was done with this, I attempted to upload the project to YouTube, but I was blocked by the copyright police immediately, and the video could not do without the song.

Lastly, here is my image portion of my project. For this part, I decided to make how-to flash cards of basic skills of women’s lacrosse. Think about which ones you see or hear in the video and audio parts of my project.

In order to do this part of my project, I looked up each skill on google images, and found pictures that showed a clear demonstration of that skill. Then using Google Drawings, I put together each “Card” with a simple colored background and a modern font labeling each skill.

I hope you enjoyed my final project and that it peaked your interest in my favorite sport!

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