Final Project Ideas PT.2

After reading other’s project ideas, my perspective on potential projects I could do is broadened. While video projects are definitely not my favorite, I think picking a topic that I am truly interested in will ensure that I put out my best work. Being passionate about the topic of your creation can override your liking for the medium that you are creating it on.

That being said, here are some of my favorite ideas of my peers:

  1. Olivia’s DS Blog: “Stories that have happened in college/college athletics maybe with sound effects?”

I think this idea is applicable to me and my passions because I am a student-athlete here at UMW. This idea inspired me to think of doing a sort of commentary on one of UMW’s women’s lacrosse games so that people who have never watched women’s lacrosse can be exposed to something I am passionate about. Kind of like a beginner’s guide to women’s lacrosse live action.

Another one of my peer’s ideas that inspired me came from Cailyn Tripp, who wanted to use social media platforms to create a bigger piece. I think this idea is really interesting because it takes from the connection between you and a wider audience. When you understand what other people want to see you can reflect on how this might combine with something you’re passionate about.

My last idea comes from Madeline’s DS106 Blog, where she suggests a mini pandemic documentary. I think making a mini documentary is a great idea and can be applicable to many different things. For example, I could make a mini documentary for my Freshman year at UMW or my Freshman lacrosse season at UMW.

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