Design Thoughts: Reflecting on Vignelli, Kidd, and more…

After reading the Brain Pickings article about Kidd (including the other hyperlinked articles within that page) and Massimo Vignelli’s booklet, it’s hard to come to a clear concise reflection of my thoughts on these pieces. There were a lot of different areas that each author spoke on, so I will try my best to collect the ones that stood out most to me.

I found that Kidd’s thoughts were not only applicable to kids, but would be something I would want to read to learn more about design. While the book discusses simple concepts of design, so does Vignelli’s booklet, although these concepts are portrayed differently. I watched the short video “GO! A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design” made by Kidd for kids interested in graphic designing, and it reminded me of a shortened version of Vignelli’s booklet laying out important parts of design. In “GO! A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design”, they introduced concepts such as form, size, repetition, scale, and location. In Vignelli’s booklet, they explained the same concepts with more complex names and descriptions, while Kidd’s video explained concepts by showing brief examples.

The similarity of the two pieces brings me to this conclusion; graphic design is for everyone. If we are explaining the same concepts to kids as we are explaining to adults (just in different ways), why don’t we have more kid’s interested in graphic design. Why aren’t we teaching graphic design at an earlier age in school? Graphic design is so applicable to everything, as the Brain Pickings article said, ” design touches every aspect of our lives — from our cities to our books to our governance to our communication with objects — that we grow so blind to it and so oblivious to its all-permeating power”.

In conclusion, we should place more emphasis on graphic design education for EVERYONE, no matter who they are or what their age is.

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