Design A License Plate: North Carolina Style

For one of my design assignments from the Assignment Bank this week, I chose to do Design A License Plate. I chose this assignment because I thought it would allow me to use several aspects of design and tell my story of where I’m from and where I grew up.

Here is my license plate:

To create my license plate, I used google photos.

When thinking of the design of my license plate, I knew I wanted to include the three landscapes of North Carolina, The Coast, The Piedmont, and the Mountains. Growing up, these three landscapes were always home to me, and provided me and my family with fun during all times of the year. The beautiful Outer Banks of NC and the Appalachian Mountains make me proud to be a North Carolinian.

To create my license plate, I chose a light teal background, and navy colored lettering. I chose a font that was playful but still readable that could realistically be on a license plate.

I used images from Google of a mountain, a field filled with flowers (to represent the piedmont region), and a beach scene and arranged them in the correct order, as well as included images of a cardinal (the state bird), a dogwood flower (the state flower), and a Loblolly Pine (the state tree).

I really enjoyed making this because it allowed me to showcase where I’m from and the things about North Carolina that make it so beautiful, a part of my story that I am very proud of.

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  1. Jonah

    I’m going to second what the 2 comments above said! Nice job on this it’s super clean and fits the theme extremely well. Photoshop can be tough but this looks like you took your time and paid attention to detail! Nice job!

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