Becoming a Better Photographer

After reading the article Becoming a Better Photographer, I thought more in depth about the strategies I use to take photos.

The eight key points listed in the article were selection, contrast, perspective, depth, balance, moment, lighting, and foreground/background. Out of these eight strategies/points, I think the ones I already use the most are selection, moment, and foreground background.

I use selection to pick the best photo out of a burst, or to take a second before capturing a photo because the moment of lighting is better.

For example, I chose this photo out of a group of photos of my dog because of the lighting and her facial expression in this particular photo.

I use the moment strategy to capture photos that portray an important memory or moment.

For example, this photo effectively captures the moment and the moos because my friend is making me laugh with his expression, and it changes the mood of the photo, making it seem like a positive moment.

I kept foreground and background in mind when taking this photo. I thought this photo was a good example of the foreground/background strategy because it shows the snowy park on Washington Avenue in the foreground, and the statue of General Hugh Mercer in the background.

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