Auditory Hell

For one of my audio Assignment Bank assignments, I chose to do the Auditory Hell assignment and connect it to the theme. I thought this assignment would connect well to the theme and help tell my story. Everyone has sounds that they hate and get frustrated with so I thought I would share mine so you can understand me and my auditory pet peeves better.

I used GarageBand to create my auditory hell, and downloaded sounds from to mash together sounds that I hate. I then downloaded my Auditory Hell to SoundCloud.

Here it is:

The sounds I combined were (1) a rooster crowing, (2) nails on a chalkboard, (3) loud chewing/smacking, (4) grabbing ice cubes, and (5) a “what?” from another room.

Nails on a chalkboard, loud chewing/smacking, and grabbing ice cubes are all just sounds that rub me the wrong way. They make me cringe whenever I hear them, but they’re fairly normal sounds that most people hear on an everyday basis.

The other two sounds are more specific to me. I included the rooster crowing in my Auditory Hell because at my house, my parents have chickens. We also have a rooster, which wakes me up at the crack of dawn, which is obviously annoying. The “what?” from another room expresses one of my most pressing pet peeves. I hate when people try to talk/yell from a different room, because it never works and both people end up confused.

Anyways, I hope my Auditory Hell helped tell my story, and maybe some of you would include the same sounds in your Auditory Hell.

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