A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The task for this writing assignment was to choose a picture (from your own photo library or from the internet) and write a background for it. I chose this assignment because I thought I could choose one of my own photos and connect it to the theme “What’s (Y)our Story?”.

For this assignment I thought I would share something that is a big part of my story, cooking. More specifically, my parents cooking. When I’m at home, family dinners with my sister, Mom, and Stepdad are a big part of daily life. We don’t have a lot of family traditions, but being at family dinner every night at 7:30 is a big deal to us.

While some people may not want to be obligated to spend time with their family nightly at the same time, I don’t mind it because the food is SO GOOD. The above picture was taken the night that I got back from school for fall/winter break this year. I hadn’t been home since I went to school in September, and I had been eating at the dining hall and restaurants for almost three months. I wasn’t necessarily homesick, but I was my-parents-home-cooking sick.

Eating this meal felt like eating a feast for a king after being stranded on an island for a couple days. I hope this picture/background story helps you understand more about me, what’s important to me, and my story.

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  1. Madeline

    Hi Lucy,
    First of all that dinner looks delicious! Yum! I also miss my mom’s cooking when I’m at school. I think that it’s great you guys all eat together at the same time every night. I think that dinner is such a great time to connect and bond over great food. Even though they are little moments, it is what makes up “our story” ! I really enjoyed your post!

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