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  • Final Project: What is (UMW) Women’s Lacrosse? Telling this story…

    For my final project, I decided to take one of my interests, women’s lacrosse, and make it appealing to someone who knows nothing about the sport or has never seen […]

  • Week 12 Weekly Summary

    I really enjoyed Week #12 and the mashup/remix assignments, because I got to be creative on many different mediums. To start out this week, I did three daily creates on […]

  • Week 11 Summary

    This week, my focus was on creating my ~10 stars of video assignments. For these I created a lyric video for one of my favorite songs, Hold In, Hold On […]

  • Week 10 Summary

    This week was one of the first weeks in a while where I struggled with the work. It wasn’t an overload of work, and none of the required readings/videos were […]

  • Week Nine Summary

    This week, I enjoyed listening to my classmates radio shows, remixing my old posts, and coming up with new ideas for a future project. Aside from that, I did three […]

  • Week 8 Summary

    This week, I spent the majority of my time working on and editing my groups radio show, Un-University. This whole experience was really fun, and I summarized the process of […]

  • Weekly Summary… Week Seven (I could make a pun with heaven here)

    This week, I spent most of my time focused on brainstorming for my radio show Un-University alongside Rachel and Cailyn. I really enjoyed this process and using audio and design […]

  • Weekly Summary: Week 6

    This week for design week, I really enjoyed myself. The software that I used most (and have been using the most throughout this course) was Google Drawings. I would love […]

  • Week Five Week Jive

    When I initially discovered that this week was based on audio assignments I was nervous. I haven’t previously used or edited audio besides adding audio to presentations and recording speeches […]

  • Weekly Summary: Week #4

    I thought this week went really well, and I especially enjoyed it because it was centered on visual assignments. Visual assignments are my favorite type of assignments that we have […]