Tag: DesignAssignments

  • My Autobiography Cover

    For my last Assignment Bank design assignment this week I chose to do Design The Cover of Your Autobiography. I thought this would be a good choice of assignment because […]

  • Motivational Poster For Coronatimes

    For one of my design Assignment Bank assignments I chose to do the Motivational Poster assignment. I thought this assignment was applicable because as UMW students without a spring break […]

  • A New Cereal on the Shelves: Razzle-Dazzles

    For another one of my Assignment Bank design assignments this week, I chose to do Design Your Own Cereal Box Cover. For this assignment I chose to make a cereal […]

  • Design A License Plate: North Carolina Style

    For one of my design assignments from the Assignment Bank this week, I chose to do Design A License Plate. I chose this assignment because I thought it would allow […]

  • My Story Magazine

    When looking through the Assignment Bank yesterday, I wanted to find an assignment that I could make correlate well with the theme of “What’s (Y)our Story?”. When I came across […]

  • Pet peeves are part of my story too!

    For this assignment from the assignment bank, I chose to do a PSA Billboard. This assignment prompts you to create a billboard about something that aggravates you. Here’s my billboard: […]