Tag: AudioAssignments

  • New to U.U.: Radio Intro/Transition

    For my second audio assignment of the week, I chose to create a piece of audio that could be used for a transition or intro for our radio show Un-University. […]

  • Sick Beat… more like Sick Intro.

    For this audio assignment, I was inspired by the Assignment Bank audio assignment Sick Beat. However, instead of making a random beat for my own fun and creativity, I decided […]

  • Sound Effect Story

    For my last audio Assignment Bank assignment I chose to do a Sound Effect Story. This assignment challenged me to create a story solely with sound effects and no words. […]

  • All The Relaxation

    For another of my audio Assignment Bank assignments this week I chose to do All The Relaxation. For this assignment, I was challenged to create something relaxing with overlapping sounds […]

  • Auditory Hell

    For one of my audio Assignment Bank assignments, I chose to do the Auditory Hell assignment and connect it to the theme. I thought this assignment would connect well to […]

  • Radio Bumper Creation

    I have successfully made a radio bumper, but I struggled a lot in the process trying to figure out the different audio softwares and editing the bumper. In order to […]