Final Project Week 1: My Sport Is Part of My Story

For the first week of my final project, I spent the majority of time picking what project I was going to do and creating a detailed plan of all 3 media elements that I would use. I decided for my project, I would do in introduction to women’s lacrosse. Although women’s lacrosse is a pretty well known sport, very few people outside of the lacrosse world have watched it. I have decided to use audio, video, and images to introduce lacrosse and share how much joy it has brought me.

To go forward with the explanation of how my week went, I’m including my plan for my final project.

Digital Storytelling Final Project: Introduction to Lacrosse/UMW Women’s Lacrosse

3 Parts:

  1. Audio: Radio commendation of a women’s lacrosse game (whether it’s a UMW women’s lacrosse game or possibly a UNC women’s lacrosse game)
  • This would be 15-20 minutes long, a peek at commendation. 
  1. Video: UMW Women’s lacrosse highlights 2021 season
  2. Images: Using images to create a how to guide on basic women’s lacrosse skills (almost like a brochure)
  • The draw
  • Ground balls
  • Throwing/catching
  • Defense
  • Cradling

In addition to making this plan, I have started to make my project. I have collected the images showing how to do different lacrosse skills and I’m beginning to make my how to guide. I have also chosen a game to commentate for the audio portion of my project.

This coming week, I still have to go through game film from this years UMW women’s lacrosse games and put them together to create a highlight reel. I also have to record my commentary for a segment of a women’s lacrosse game, and lastly I have to finish up my image how-to guide.

I’m excited to keep working on my project!