• Week 12 Weekly Summary

    I really enjoyed Week #12 and the mashup/remix assignments, because I got to be creative on many different mediums. To start out this week, I did three daily creates on […]

  • A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem: Remix- Dr. Suess It

    For this remix assignment, I was challenged to write a haiku poem about a haiku poem (just like I did the first time I completed this assignment), but this time […]

  • Logo Switch Up/Remix – Happy Days

    The last time I did the Logo Switch Up assignment, I decided to add the Wawa logo onto a Huggies diaper ad. This time around, the Logo Switch Up Remix […]

  • Disney Mashup: An Unusual Prince/Once Upon a Dream, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, and When You Wish Upon A Star

    For 4 stars of Mashup Assignments from the assignment bank, I did the Disney Mashup assignment. This assignment challenged me to take my favorite Disney songs and make them flow […]

  • Movie Mashup: Mean Girls and High School Musical

    For 4.5 of my 8 stars of Mashup Assignments from the assignment bank, I chose to complete the Movie Mashup Assignment. The goal of this assignment was to think of […]

  • Week 11 Summary

    This week, my focus was on creating my ~10 stars of video assignments. For these I created a lyric video for one of my favorite songs, Hold In, Hold On […]

  • What I Eat In A Day

    For my second video assignment this week, I did a what I eat in a day video. For this video, I recorded everything I ate this Wednesday, and compiled it […]

  • Lyric Video (Hold In, Hold On by Kid Bloom)

    For one of my Video Assignments from the assignment bak I decided to create a lyric video for the song Hold In, Hold On by Kid Bloom. For this assignment, […]

  • Final Project Ideas PT.2

    After reading other’s project ideas, my perspective on potential projects I could do is broadened. While video projects are definitely not my favorite, I think picking a topic that I […]

  • Week 10 Summary

    This week was one of the first weeks in a while where I struggled with the work. It wasn’t an overload of work, and none of the required readings/videos were […]