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  • My Experience with Photography

    When I think about my past experiences with photography, I think of my sister. Since we were young, my older sister (who is three years older than I am) has […]

  • My Favorite Photo

    For my second visual assignment this week I chose Your Favourite Photo?. Even though this assignment isn’t worth a lot of stars, I thought it would be great opportunity for […]

  • My Game Of Thrones House Sigil

    For my first visual assignment this week, I chose to do Create a Game of Thrones House. This assignment stood out to me because I am a Game of Thrones […]

  • Weekly Summary: Week #3

    While last week I felt like I was getting into the swing of things and getting comfortable with this course, I struggled a little but more this week. One thing […]

  • Story Analysis

    After reading the one of the articles (I chose I link, therefore I am) and watching the videos, my view of hypertext and other forms of digital storytelling was broadened, […]

  • Apocalypse Terms of Service

    Here are the Apocalypse Terms of Service for #ds106 and “What’s (Y)our Story?”: Never forget to check the Weekly Assignments. Make sure you do Daily Creates everyday before you go […]

  • Nonhuman Perspective: UMW’s Squirrels

    When considering the theme “What’s (Y)our Story?”, I thought of something that all of us in this course have as part of our story, being a student at UMW. Whether […]

  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    The task for this writing assignment was to choose a picture (from your own photo library or from the internet) and write a background for it. I chose this assignment […]

  • A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem

    I chose this assignment because I really enjoy writing haiku poems, and I thought this assignment could get really interesting. A Haiku Poem Five seven five seems easy But Haikus […]

  • Weekly Summary: Week #2

    Overall, I thought I did a lot better this week than I did last week. Last week I found myself overwhelmed and at times really confused as to what I […]