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  • Week 9 Daily Creates

    This week, in order to connect my three daily creates into somewhat of a story, I chose to connect them with a common theme. For my three daily creates, I […]

  • Future Project Ideas

    Coming in to the last two weeks working on the radio show group project, I was initially intimidated. It is out of my comfort zone to do group projects with […]

  • Week 8 Summary

    This week, I spent the majority of my time working on and editing my groups radio show, Un-University. This whole experience was really fun, and I summarized the process of […]

  • Radio Show Progress Pt.2

    This week for our (Rachel, Cailyn, and I) radio show, Un-University, we mostly put together our plans for our radio show. After meeting on Zoom last week and planning out […]

  • Weekly Summary… Week Seven (I could make a pun with heaven here)

    This week, I spent most of my time focused on brainstorming for my radio show Un-University alongside Rachel and Cailyn. I really enjoyed this process and using audio and design […]

  • Radio Show Progress: U.U. Week #1

    This week I had a lot of fun getting together with my group (Cailyn, Rachel , and I) and starting to create our show, Un-University (or U.U.). For our radio […]

  • New to U.U.: Radio Intro/Transition

    For my second audio assignment of the week, I chose to create a piece of audio that could be used for a transition or intro for our radio show Un-University. […]

  • Sick Beat… more like Sick Intro.

    For this audio assignment, I was inspired by the Assignment Bank audio assignment Sick Beat. However, instead of making a random beat for my own fun and creativity, I decided […]

  • Unveiling U.U.

    For our radio show (Rachel, Cailyn, and I), we decided to produce a show about our experiences as a college student in a pandemic. While all of us can relate, […]

  • Weekly Summary: Week 6

    This week for design week, I really enjoyed myself. The software that I used most (and have been using the most throughout this course) was Google Drawings. I would love […]