Applied Digital Studies Weekly Summaries

  • Week #1 (1/14/22)

This week, the class was mainly focused on introductions to the course. Similar to the introductory digital studies course, the content will be focused on digital citizenship and the way digital tools are used in daily life, but this course is more focused on digital citizenship. This week there were three terms new to me.

These terms are digital fluency, digital citizenship, and digital praxis.

I would define digital fluency as one’s ability to interpret digital information and communicate messages digitally.

I would define digital citizenship as one’s belonging to a digital community and the ability/use of digital tools to connect with others.

Lastly, I would define digital praxis as the act of practicing digital fluency and citizenship.

While I am not too familiar with these terms, I know that they are important to this course and I look forward to applying them this semester!