Weekly Summary… Week Seven (I could make a pun with heaven here)

This week, I spent most of my time focused on brainstorming for my radio show Un-University alongside Rachel and Cailyn. I really enjoyed this process and using audio and design assignments to build toward one larger project. You can see how we’re getting along on my last blog post.

I began the week and my radio show planning by getting into a group with Cailyn and Rachel, and I then brainstormed themes for our show. I landed on a college covid experience podcast-style show. I’m looking forward to recording it!

I then began to do my audio assignments:

  1. Sick Beat… more like sick intro
  2. New to U.U.: Radio Intro/Transition

I also got to creating my design assignment, where I made a collegiate looking sticker.

As you can see in my radio show week one blog post, I also went more in-depth with my radio show planning with my group member, and we even met on Zoom.

This week, I created 3 Daily Creates:



This week, I commented on my peers posts about their radio shows for participation.

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