Week 5 Summary

In this week of DGST 395, I learned more about coding, specifically python. I was nervous to take on this week because before taking this course, I had no prior experience with coding. However, after learning the basics of HTML code, I have been feeling a little more comfortable.

On Monday, the goal of the class was to talk a bit more about our HTML projects, what we had done well, and what we could have done differently. We learned more about hyperlinks and thought more about the big project. Since the big project has a broad digital-focused prompt, I am thinking about taking my project in the direction of graphic design and digital art.

On Wednesday, we went over some basics of Python, and through practice, I became used to some of the differences between Python and HTML code. This discussion of Python transferred over to talking about algorithms, which gave me more context for the meaning of the “TikTok algorithm” or other social media algorithms.

On Friday, we continued learning some of the basics of Python, this time learning more about loops and list structures.

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