Now the brand name Wawa makes sense to me…

For my first assignment from the assignment bank I chose to do a Logo Switch Up.

I initially came across this assignment because I was looking through the Assignment Bank categories and I wondered what mashup meant. I ended up really enjoying this assignment because of the inclusion of two different brands to create an ad. One of the most challenging aspects to brainstorming the final product of this assignment was choosing what brands I wanted to include. I thought about very popular brands such and Nike and Chick-Fil-A, but I thought it would be hard to include them into another brand’s ad and make it a convincing mashup. One of the most important points made in the assignment’s introductions was “Be creative and try to pick similar logos that could look correct in the advertisement if we did not already have the brand awareness!”, so I thought it was important to choose a brand that wasn’t too popular because then it wouldn’t fit in.

When choosing my brand I chose Wawa, because I am not originally from Virginia so I didn’t grow up around these convenience stores, and I have always thought the name was funny. I also thought Wawa would easily tie into an ad appealing to babies and parents because of the association of the sound “wa-wa” to a baby.

I created this add using Google Drive Drawings. First, I found a diaper ad that portrayed a happy baby, because I thought the brand Wawa Diapers would make a baby happy, and not cry (or “wa-wa”). One I found the Huggies ad, I covered up the Huggies logo in two places, and replaced one with a transparent of the Wawa logo, and the other with the word Wawa in a similar font to the original ad.

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  1. Paul

    If you don’t know what Wawa is, you might not even know that this was manipulated. I wonder if there’s a way to skew the logo so it could go on the box as well. Nice work!

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