New to U.U.: Radio Intro/Transition

For my second audio assignment of the week, I chose to create a piece of audio that could be used for a transition or intro for our radio show Un-University. For this assignment, I was inspired by the Assignment Bank assignment Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper, and decided to make a short audio segment that identifies U.U. (Un-University).

Here is my radio bumper/transition that I created in GarageBand:

For this transition, I downloaded the sound of a bell tower from I chose this sound because it is a recognizable sound, and the bell tower here at UMW is a symbol of college and college life. I then added an automated voice saying “U.U. … Un-University”, because I thought it added a cool spin on the audio and made it seem like university was now automated in our radio show.

Let me know if the bell tower is a sound you associate with college life, or other sounds that you might want to here in the radio show!

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  1. Andrew


    I think this is pretty cool! It sounds so futuristic but still resembles college life. I think the sound of chalk boards or people walking resembles college life too.

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