My Story Magazine

When looking through the Assignment Bank yesterday, I wanted to find an assignment that I could make correlate well with the theme of “What’s (Y)our Story?”. When I came across the assignment Create a Magazine Cover, I knew that I would be able to use this assignment to tell more of my story. When creating my magazine cover, I thought I would show things that are really important in my life and that make my story mine.

My Magazine, My Story Magazine

I thought this assignment was really unique because it was pretty broad, and it allowed for a lot of creativity on what I wanted my magazine to be, what I wanted it to be about, and what I wanted the cover to look like.

I chose to call my magazine My Story magazine. Although I probably could have come up with a name that was more unique to myself, I chose this name because I wanted people who saw this blog post and my submission for this assignment to know that it related back to this semester’s theme.

The first thing that I did when creating my magazine on Google Drawings was putting the name of my magazine on the cover. I wanted to choose a font that was playful, but still looked composed, so I chose this one (Berkshire Swash). I then made it red so it would pop out from the background.

After choosing the name for my magazine, I decided to use this picture of me and one of my best friends, Avery for my cover. I chose this picture because I am a social person and my friends are a really important part of who I am, and they make me want to be a better person. Next I chose what pictures to put around the cover photo. I was somewhat inspired by tabloids and People Magazines that you see when you’re checking out at the grocery store because they usually have one main image with several other images along both sides of the cover. The photos that I put on both sides of my magazine cover were of my family (my mom and sister), lacrosse (I play lacrosse here at UMW!), my dog Pippa, and working at summer camp (I have been going to summer camp for 10 years). These things are all really important to me and my story. Without them, I would definitely not be the same person I am today, and they are still so important in my life.

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