Who Am I? Multimodal Introductions

More about who I am…

Me on video…

This platform is one that I’m least comfortable with. I’m not very tech savvy, and I look up to those who can use technology to animate videos and use editing to create masterpieces. I used my YouTube introduction as a building block for what I do this semester. This video is pretty basic, but hopefully my videos from this point forward will improve in quality and I can learn more about how to use technology to enhance video media.

Introducing myself on SoundCloud…

Here’s my Twitter introduction…

This is more of a descriptive introduction. Twitter is probably what I will find myself being most familiar with this semester. It’s much easier for me to introduce myself and express my thoughts through writing, rather than through video, pictures, or sound/recording. Although I have never been an active Twitter user, I am somewhat familiar with the platform and it feel more in my comfort zone.

Here’s me!

Here I am, well what I look like. Although this course is online, I feel that using image platforms like Flickr will help me express myself, and help others make an impression of me as a digital storyteller, just as this picture is making an impression on you in this moment.


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