• Game Of Thrones Video Essay *Season 1 Spoiler*

    For my video essay, I chose to analyze a scene from Game of Thrones (not that this is very surprising). For my scene analysis, I chose to use Ned Stark’s […]

  • From my POV

    If you’re on TikTok, you know that point of view videos have become pretty popular. When I saw this assignment, I thought it would be a good choice for one […]

  • Compilation Video: Getting Ready for School

    For another of my video assignments this week, I decided to create a compilation video. I was super excited to make this video because I had a bunch of clips […]

  • Game Of Thrones “But” Edit *SPOILER ALERT*

    For one of my assignment bank video assignments this week, I chose to do a “But” edit, which is when you create an edit of a preexisting clip in which […]

  • Week Nine Summary

    This week, I enjoyed listening to my classmates radio shows, remixing my old posts, and coming up with new ideas for a future project. Aside from that, I did three […]

  • Reflection on a Radio Broadcast

    One of my favorite things that I did for this class this week was listening to the radio shows that people created. After spending my last two weeks creating my […]

  • Haiku Poem… Revised

    For my second revision of a previously posted assignment, I decided to revise my assignment A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem (the title is pretty self explanatory). Here is […]

  • What A Crappy Font Will Do: Revised

    For this revision/remix of a previously posted assignment, I decided to revise my post What A Crappy Font Will Do, which was based on this assignment bank post. In my […]

  • Week 9 Daily Creates

    This week, in order to connect my three daily creates into somewhat of a story, I chose to connect them with a common theme. For my three daily creates, I […]

  • Future Project Ideas

    Coming in to the last two weeks working on the radio show group project, I was initially intimidated. It is out of my comfort zone to do group projects with […]