• Week 11 Summary

    This week, we focused more on AI and did our third session of peer teaching. On Monday, we created AI-generated versions of classic literature. For this, I used Dracula text […]

  • Week 10 Summary

    This week, we continued our discussion of AI, applied it more to ethics, and analyzed the way that AI can create various things. On Monday, we spent the majority of […]

  • Week 9 Summary

    This week in class, we focused a lot on Artificial Intelligence. I find this subject really interesting because I think it is really impressive how innovative AI tech has become […]

  • Week 7 Summary

    This week, we continued to learn more about python, and during Professor Whalen’s teaching day of this week, we talked specifically about defining and calling functions in python. The rest […]

  • Week 6 Summary

    This week, we focused on thinking about the big project, and diving into a bit more programming. One thing that stood out to me this week we read after class […]

  • Week 5 Summary

    In this week of DGST 395, I learned more about coding, specifically python. I was nervous to take on this week because before taking this course, I had no prior […]

  • DGST395 Week 4 Summary

    This week in DGST 395, my main focus was my retro HTML page. When we first started working on HTML, I was pretty nervous because I have no previous coding […]

  • Applied Digital Studies Week 2 Summary

    This week in DGST 395, we focused on connections. Through the pre-work for class, classwork, and homework, I was able to acquire a better understanding of how connections apply to […]

  • Final Project: What is (UMW) Women’s Lacrosse? Telling this story…

    For my final project, I decided to take one of my interests, women’s lacrosse, and make it appealing to someone who knows nothing about the sport or has never seen […]

  • Final Project Week 1: My Sport Is Part of My Story

    For the first week of my final project, I spent the majority of time picking what project I was going to do and creating a detailed plan of all 3 […]